Zhongshan Fuyuantong Wire and Cable Co., LTD founded in 2000, it is a domestic private enterprise, and it is a council member of Zhongshan Home Appliances Industry Association (It is the only electric wire manufacturing enterprise of this Association). Located in Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City, adjacent to Shenwan Port, enjoying convenient land and sea transportation. The factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, owns more than 180 employees, including over 20 management personnel, 15 professional engineering and technical personnel who make up a team with professional skills and the spirit of profession devotion.



       Since the company has its own registered trademark, “Fuyuantong”, all kinds of wire and cable have been produced with the independent brand, which creates a great popularity and a good industry reputation in wire processing and wire harness industry in the pearl river delta. The company has strong production capacity and eight automatic production lines, which can produce various specifications and types of electronic wire. Its’ average daily production capacity can reach 5 million meters/day. Its’ testing equipment, testing technology are perfect .From raw material detection to production process control, product packaging and shipment will go through strict  inspection and checks, so finished products can almost achieve zero return rate.



      The company has complete certifications, and its production management has got ISO9001:2015, a management certification. Its products have got the United States UL ,Canada CUL certifications (UL certificate number: E241989) and China electrical products CCC certification (certificate numbers: 2002010105016605, 2002010105016606, 2002010105016607, 2014010201671216, 2014010201671218). Its environmental protection has reached the standards of European Union RoHS and REACH. The main products have following "UL and CUL" certification series: 1007, 1010, 1015, 1571, 1095, 1569, 1061, 1617, 1672, 1185, 1533, 1331,1332,1430,1431,1432,10368,10369,2547, 2468, 2651, 20080, 2725, 2854, 2851, 2464, 2733, 2517, 20276, 2835, 2919, 、3122,3266,3321,3385etc, and "CCC" series: 02-rv, 05-bv, 06 (RV), 07 (rv-90), 08 (rv-90), 52 (RVV) power cord, 53 (RVV) power cord and other IEC series, in line with GB5023. It has twisted connection with series installation wires: AV-90, avr-90, AVVR-2-24 core, AVRB, AVRS, in line with JB8734 standard; aluminum foil mylar computer line, adhesion rainbow line, audio signal line, strapping line and other products covering more than 300 varieties.



       After over ten years of development, from the production scale, process level, technical quality, complete product model certification, to product quality reliability, stability, etc., Fuyuantong has been mature and stable, and keeps improving. In terms of the company's comprehensive competitiveness and other indicators, Fuyuantong can keep in the top three in the similar type of enterprise competition in the pearl river delta. In the national home appliances and other parts and components manufacturing market, our company has an significant share. At the same time, Fuyuantong is also the main supplier of home appliance giants such as Gree, Midea, Galanz, Haier, Hisense, Wanhe, TCL, etc, which all adopt wire with "Fuyuantong" brand certification.

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